Episode 37: Rebels & Legends

Posted by Jessie (AKA Stardust Legacy)

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Passionately Casual Podcast

A Star Wars and Star Wars: the Old Republic Gaming Podcast

Ep. 37: Rebels and Legends

JT was out for this one, unfortunately, but we enjoyed having Larry fill in for someone other than Jessie for a change! And what an amazing episode this one turned out to be! Wil Wright’s Star Lores features a datalog on the Chiss Ascendency, JT has a PC Tip of the Week, and we nabbed a phenomenal interview with Megan, cancer survivor and author of the Star-Wars-inspired blog I Rebel: My Cancer War. (For those of you wishing to jump right to Megan’s interview, you can go to 38:00)


Find out more about our guild and our show at unholyalliance.org  or  wookieemistake.com (remember wookiee has 2 E’s) don’t forget to follow us on twitter @PC_Podcast.

Guild News

EL Graphic 2017.jpg


Extra Life is coming up quickly this year, and the guild is in full force getting the details worked out for events ranging from SWTORwood Squares to a Radio-Free-hosted dance party to . Be sure to join us on November 4th starting at 11 AM EDT for the mixer before our marathon of events. UA/WM has managed to raise over $9000 for the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals through Extra Life the last few years, and we are looking to continue the trend. Check out the details on the website, and Jessie’s promo video for our first event, The Fort Tusken Grand Prix!


And as usual, don’t forget to stay tuned to the guild website! We have our usual activities such as WIP and WOG, and another that has joined the lineup: Pub Crawl!

Game News

The talk of the town has been the fall 2017 roadmap that has been covered by other podcasts extensively. We picked only our favorite features and touched on them, but you can go to Dulfy and the SWTOR website for the roadmap itself.

Star Lores

Be sure to catch the latest installment of Star Lores! Episode 3 features what information we have on the Chiss Ascendency.


Tip of the Week

Follow along with JT as he breaks down the Crisis on Umbara flashpoint.

Community Highlights


Be sure to listen to our interview with Megan this episode. There are so many lessons we can learn about having a winning spirit and a positive attitude from this beautiful, amazing, inspiring woman! You can find her blog at rebelcancerwar.wordpress.com and her favorite cancer charity, the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation here.
Also, be sure to check out the other great SWTOR/Star Wars podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels this month!

Mentioned this episode:

Star Wars News

As of this recording, we were 59 days to the release of Episode VIII! We can’t wait.


Have you seen the final release of the Episode VIII trailer yet? If you haven’t, here it is:


The new season of Star Wars Rebels started up on October 16th. If you want to catch up quick, check out this breakdown.




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Email us at passionately.casual@gmail.com. Find us on Twitter @PC_Podcast. Twitter links for our hosts and contributors: Jason @JT_holonet, Sechari @iamsechari , Jessie @thestardust77, Larry @shaddoe, and Wil @mandolegion, and Moxys @FtWorthJim.

Host Links: iamsechari.com, massivelyOP.com, CorellianRun.com, TatooineDreams.com

Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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