Policies and Fine Print

Passionately Casual Podcast Spoiler Policy

Passionately Casual Podcast adheres to a strict four-week ban on spoilers from the date any new content is published, including but not limited to movies, episodes, books, and game story content. This policy is designed to respect the hosts, contributors and our viewers/listeners, giving everyone a reasonable window of time to engage new content before we open it up for discussion on the show. When a spoiler ban is lifted, the content is thereafter considered “fair game” for discussion and may be mentioned or discussed freely and openly without reservation whenever relevant. We will always announce closer to the beginning of an episode when a spoiler ban has been lifted on a given piece of content to give our viewers/listeners fair warning.


General Contest Rules

Rules governing contests and giveaways for the Passionately Casual Podcast are as follows:

1) Contests and giveaways are not open to any of the podcast hosts or content creators affiliated with the show.

2) All details pertaining to a contest or giveaway will be announced in full at the time the contest or giveaway begins, including but not limited to prizes, restrictions, rules and requirements for entry, the deadline for entry, the number of entries allowed per person/group, placing of winners (if any), drawings or selections, and the date winners will be announced.

3) Contest or giveaway entrants are responsible for ensuring they adhere to contest rules and provide contact details as stipulated in the contest rules.

4) We aim to make all contests and giveaways fair and impersonal. No considerations are taken into account when choosing winners other than those stipulated in full at the time a contest or giveaway is announced.

5) Unless otherwise stated, the date due date/time for contests is 11:59 PM US Eastern time on the date announced as the deadline for entry.

6) Prizes are final with no exchanges or substitutions allowed. We will allow winners of giveaways to pass their winnings on to a runner-up if they so choose. If a giveaway winner chooses to pass, he/she must announce their intention to pass immediately at the time they are announced as a winner.

7) We reserve the right to enforce contest rules and to disqualify contest entries in accordance with contest rules. If for any reason the rules are not followed or we are unable to reach winners, we will reassign winnings to runners-up as appropriate.


Livestream Chat Community Guidelines

Passionately Casual Podcast episodes are recorded live on Twitch at As a podcast dedicated to healthy gaming, we strive to create a positive, uplifting environment for our listeners and livestream viewers. The following rules therefore apply to chat etiquette in the channel during all live broadcasts:

1) No foul or inappropriate language.

2) No references to divisive topics.

3) Chat must be respectful of other chat participants.

4) While meaningful debate is allowed and encouraged, participants must steer clear of unnecessarily combative discourse.

5) No excessive negativity.

6) We reserve the right to moderate chat and enforce chat rules at our discretion.

7) Appeals on bans may be emailed to passionately.casual@gmail.com.