Always in Motion is the Future

2018 was a good year for SWTOR. They got a lot right with the Jedi Under Siege update, some much-needed guild management improvements, group content, and conquest changes. For a list of some things the game did well and not so well, definitely spend some time checking out Vulkk’s piece.

I have high expectations for 2019’s game expansion and I look forward to playing SWTOR this year and to great coverage of the game by the many amazing podcasts, video creators, and bloggers in our community. That said, Passionately Casual Podcast won’t be among them, at least not in the foreseeable future. Busy lives and competing priorities are at the core of our hiatus.

I speak from the heart when I say that this game+community is one of the most amazing things to happen in my life and I am very grateful for all of it. Thank you to the players, developers, and other content creators for being so welcoming of Passionately Casual when we came on the scene as a new show in 2015. We ran for three-and-a-half years and had some incredible guests including actors Darin de Paul and Marc Thompson, representatives from charities such as Extra Life, Able Gamers, the 501st Legion, as well as a filmmaker, many streamers, content creators, players, game developers, bloggers, and more.

Since July 2015 PC Podcast has covered SWTOR, what it means to be a responsible citizen of a gaming community,  positivity, healthy life balance, charity, and our abiding love of Star Wars! I believe we fulfilled our mission to be a positive voice for the passionately casual player. What a fantastic experience it has been!

I want to thank my amazing friend, the incredible Jason Taylor, for being there from day one as my cohost. He brought his years of experience on Corellian Run to Passionately Casual and we never could have done the amazing things we did without his expertise. I thank our producer and latter-day cohost Mox for always keeping us on task and for his production and editing which was never easy with our show! In addition I owe a debt of gratitude to the hosts who joined in as we rolled along, including the ever-articulate and thoughtful Sechari who kept our quality top tier; the deep-diving, deep-thinking Larry Everett who brought the RP world to our doorstep with In Character (along with some top-notch developer interrogation on more than one occasion!); the encyclopedic loremaster Wil Wright who shared his lived experiences as  Jedi Knight and Madalorian in our Star Lores segment, and the incredibly knowledgeable Kid Lee who reminded us in Kid Lee’s Dojo that there are other amazing games we should be playing too. Mostly, thank you to the talented developers and community folks at Bioware and to you, our listeners and friends.

Passionately Casual may be back at some point if we feel we have the time in our busy lives to provide something unique and worthwhile to the community. Till then we will see you in game, on Twitter, and at the Cantinas.

Much love,

Jessie Stardust and the PC Podcast Team

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