Episode 51: Extra Life Countdown!

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With Extra Life quickly approaching, the team takes time to chat with the Wookiee Alliance Team Captain Gem!


Wookiee Alliance home page


What is Extra Life? It’s a highly rated charity that helps children’s hospitals provide great care and cool stuff for sick kids. It’s a gaming marathon event and it is easy to play or contribute. Wookiee Alliance is one of many teams banding together for a great cause. This is our 5th year as a team and we are proud to play SWTOR for this deserving charity.

Click the link here to go straight to our team page

Gem tells us what to expect this year in our Comm Chatter segment!


First, check out this year’s team promo video



Some of the cool events are a Match Game show, SWTOR Quiplash with Kid Lee, Costume Contest/Dance Party, Car show and much more!



Here’s the full schedule for November 3, ALL ARE WELCOME!

EL 2018 Schedule of Events.jpg


In other news, we had a quick chat about the latest SWTOR Dev stream:

Check out the full stream on Vulkk.com

Jedi Under Siege 5.10 Quick Livestream highlights

  • Ossus confirmed Detective KidLee was right!  
  • Master Mode Gods of the Machine is on PTS
  • Biggest highlight was a bummer: No guild heraldry with 5.10 🙂
  • Excited for guild improvements
  • New in-game flair
  • Available everyone – SWCANTINA2018

Additional active codes from past SWTOR cantinas are as follows, thanks to Kid Lee for checking them out to see which ones still work, check your account and make sure you have unlocked them all!





Thanks for tuning in!

Reach our guest Gem on Twitter @Coffee_with_Gem and watch her stream SWTOR and more at twitch.tv/texasgemini

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