Episode 50: The 50th Episode

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This week join JT, Sechari, Jessie and Kid Lee for a look at the new SWTOR Roadmap.

Community Highlights:

Vulkk.com got a new look including a brand new custom logo by none other than Passionately Casual’s own Jessie!


Sechari got a chance to hang out with our friend Gem on her Twitch show, Coffee With Gem. Maybe a little report-back next week is in order?

Extra Life Day, the gaming charity for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, is coming up soon! Game day is November 3. Find out how to get involved here. More info coming soon!


The main event today is the roadmap which is linked here.

Here are the highlights:

A new Huttball PVP map set on the gas planet Vandin (game update 5.9.3 in mid to late September).

Game update 5.10 later in the year, called Jedi Under Siege, featuring the next chapter in the story and a return to Republic vs. Jedi. Jedi Under Siege begins on an ancient (and still undisclosed) Jedi world.

A Master Mode Gods From The Machine!

A new tier of end-game gear, this one only obtainable through crafting.

Guild improvements galore ranging from new progression and heraldry systems to guild vs. guild PVP, member mail and more!

A disguise terminal deco that allows you to disguise yourself as any number of things. Perfect for RP!

The returns of Doc, Nadia Grell and Dark Side Jaesa!

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