Episode 49: Nerds of a Feather


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Mox had the week off so Jessie, JT and Sechari were  joined by Marcus from the Working Class Nerds Podcast! Marcus did a chill interview about his life as a nerd, podcaster and family man and then stuck around to discuss Star Wars and SWTOR happenings (which is more than we can say for Jessie, who had to leave midway through the show for “real life” stuff, whatever THAT is.)

Comm Chatter

Our friend and past guest Megan (I Rebel: My Cancer War) has started a brand new podcast called Spark of Hope! @SparkOfHopePod

“A Star Wars inspired Podcast highlighting fans who have dealt with obstacles in their lives but have found hope and inspiration through Star Wars.”

Marcus from Working Class Nerds podcast, you can find their shows on all the podcast platforms. Follow Marus on Twitter  @MarcusB814

Copy of working class nerds










Galactic Headlines

Star Wars News

Star Wars Resistance Animated series coming to Disney Channel, trailer released:

First look trailer at animated series Star Wars Resistance coming this Fall

Checkout the spotlight on the Resistance Art Director, Amy Beth Christennson from

Christenson has an impressive 18 year Star Wars resume including Senior/Lead Concept Designer for The Force Unleashed I&2 games, and concept designer for episodes of TCW and SW Rebels.

Star Wars Resistance will premiere on Sunday, October 7, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel, DisneyNOW, and Disney Channel VOD. There will also be subsequent airings on Disney XD.

Actor Kelly Marie Tran speaks out about her experiences as an Asian American in the wake of her deleting Instagram

Article here

Nerdist piece showcasing Rose Tico fan art

Signature Segment: In Character : Putting the RP back in the MMORPG!

This week Larry talks about hosting your first in-game RP event

Role Playing tips for Star Wars: The Old Republic and beyond!











Patch notes 5.9.2 and Patch Notes 5.9.2a

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