New Rishi Hideout Cinematic and screenshots (PTS) SWTOR

Rishi Hideout First Look

Screenshot (194)


Screenshot (205)

GIF by @Aviriia

A few screenshots


Below is the cinematic overview of the Rishi Stronghold coming to SWTOR Game Update 5.9.2 and currently available on the test server. These images may be subject to change in the live environment. There was no music; for this video we added music from the Shadow of Revan soundtrack.

Be sure to check out the guides and videos coming out on the Rishi Hideway from your favorite SWTOR Influencer content creators.

The following plan to release some goodies: ( Now Updated with direct links to the videos and guides!)

Kid Lee



SWTOR Escape Pod Cast (Max and Sema)

MMO Bits (XamXam)



You will be able to get onto the test server soon (like probably RIGHT NOW!) and check it out for yourself and the stronghold will be on live servers with Game Update 5.9.2.

So get in there and GO BERSERK!!!

GIF by @Aviriia

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