Episode 46: Roadtrip!

Episode 46: Roadtrip!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The date of this interview was June 8, 2018, NOT August 8 as stated in the voiceover.
We had a great episode, it was so amazing, so excellent, verging on podcasting perfection… we can say this because you can’t prove us wrong– both Twitch’s Nightbot and the audio gods were against us and the main body of our show is in Garbage Compactor 3263827. The Interview was recorded separately and is here in its entirety. But the rest of the episode has been replaced by the studio voiceover Mox version– enjoy! Also Mox has just returned from the future and thinks it’s August. Tech issues and our own staff are conspiring against us now! At what point do we call a do-over?

That said, it was a great interview with the always cordial and fun SWTOR team and all the other stuff we dove into in the course of the hour or so. If you want to watch the full episode on Twitch, you can see it in all its glory, it really was a fun show. So if you are a dianoga, head over to this link https://www.twitch.tv/videos/270645091


Actual footage of JT, Jessie and Mox


Give a listen to the great interview from SWTOR Creative Director Charles Boyd and Community Manager Eric Musco, filled with interesting tidbits!

Also check out SWTORista’s write up of the interview on Reddit! Speaking of SWTORista, be sure to see her new guide for gearing at level 70

Kid Lee has a video to help you get onto the SWTOR PTS KidLee’s video about getting on the PTS as mentioned in the interview

Galactic Headlines

Beware, we have seen 3 cases of hacked or attempted hacked swtor accounts in the past couple weeks– be sure to use a SK and change your password often!

From the forums: The Devs are Listening

Star Wars News

Star Wars News- Star Wars Celebration tickets went on sale this week, the VIP sold out in moments and the 5day passes sold in 2 days. Tix for individual days are still available

Remember to be nice to other fans (and creators!). Sadly, Kelly Tran left social media after dealing with months of attacks by trolls.  

Signature Segments Section

Healthy GamingQuick tips for healthy gaming : Making your Screentime Count


Check out Kid Lee’s E3 Coverage! www.twitch.tv/KidLee


Remember to listen to the show and send the KEYWORD given in the audio to win Tulak Hord’s saber! Send the keyword to passionately.casual@gmail.com 

The winner will be announced on the next show.

Contact Information/Close

Email us at passionately.casual@gmail.com and find us on Twitter @PC_Podcast. Be sure to follow our hosts and contributors on Twitter:
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Kid Lee @kidleeasf


Host Links: Iamsechari.com | massivelyOP.com | StardustPop.com


Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.


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