Episode 45: Springtime in Nathema


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With the whole crew finally back together this week, we get all caught up and then delve into a full episode! This one features an interview with Elsa of Polymorph Crafts, a company she runs with her husband crafting hand-made dice vaults and other aids to table-top gaming. This episode also features two of our signature segments: Larry Everett’s In Character, entitled “Everybody was Emote Fightin’” (we may have had a little fun with the name), and Wil Wright’s Star Lores, this episode on the background of the Kessel run -just in time for the Solo movie!


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Comm Chatter

This week in our Community Chatter segment:

  1. Miranda and Odin, both of whom we have interviewed on this podcast before, celebrate their one-year anniversary for Geek on Geek Media, featuring gaming and lifestyle guides, positive fandom superheroes. Catch their celebration episode here.
  2. Be sure to check out Polymorph Crafts’ website polymorphcrafts.com and their twitter @polymorphcrafts. Also be sure to sign up for the giveaway!

Galactic Headlines

In SWTOR news this week, we discuss the SWTOR game update 5.9. Here are the highlights (be sure to check out the patch notes):

  1. The traitor story saga ends with the flashpoint The Nathema Conspiracy and, you heard it, a return to the newly-awakened world of Nathema!
  2. Felix Iresso rejoins the consular, and Mako and Akaavi Spar have been teamed up in the Outlander’s absence, the pair returning to both the smuggler and the bounty hunter base classes.
  3. Fixes to Conquest point-payouts galore, including the introduction of three-tiered Rampage missions.
  4. Increased rewards for middle- and upper-tier guild invasion Conquest missions.
  5. Bug fixes to the Izax fight.
  6. Adjustments to tanks, disincentivizing “skank tanks”, as the community has come to call them.


We spend some time talking about the new hair style too!

Screenshot (1037).png


By the time this episode is posted, patch 5.9a will also have been deployed with some fixes, patch notes to be found here.

Also, have you seen the new Solo preview?

Signature Segment: In Character with Larry Everett

Physical combat in role play is a little more complicated than duelling. In this week’s In Character, Larry Everett takes us through some of the more complicated nuances and shares tips for getting it right.

Signature Segment: Star Lores with Wil Wright

With the Solo movie hot on the horizon (T-minus 14 days at the time we recorded this episode), Wil Wright, our resident loremaster, produces a timely role-play episode of Star Lores, outlining what we know about the infamous Kessel Run. You thought parsecs was a unit of time? Nope! So why measure the Kessel Run in distance? Check out the episode below!


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Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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