Ep. 43: 58-Minute Enrage Timer

Passionately Casual Podcast Ep. 43:

58-Minute Enrage Timer

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Cast member Kid Lee joins us this week as we discuss the 5.8 changes: The new operation boss Izax, the changes to Conquest, returning companions Ashara Zavros, Vector Hyllus and more! Also, a warm welcome back to Jessie whom we have been missing for a while. The show just wasn’t the same without her! Unfortunately Sechari was out this week but we muddled through with the assist from Kid Lee and Jessie’s porg, Jean-Claude! 



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Comm Chatter

This week in our Community Chatter segment:

  1. Be sure to check out Kid Lee’s Star Wars Rebels series review here.
  2. Jean Claude Van Porg has been very busy accompanying Jessie on her excursion to New Zealand. Check out the video!

Galactic Headlines

In SWTOR news this week, we discuss the SWTOR game update 5.8 at length. Here are the highlights (be sure to check out the patch notes):


  1. Ashara Zavros returns to the Inquisitor, and Vectory Hyllus returns to the Imperial Agent.
  2. Conquest has been revamped! It now has two panes in the personal quests window with tiered guild invasion possibilities depending on the size of your guild and the difficulty your guild would like to undertake.
  3. Izax, the final boss of the Gods From The Machine operation is now here! Notice anything about his chest cannon? Where have we seen it before?
  4. Arcann, the former Zakuulan emperor after Valkorion, now joins us as a romanceable companion.
  5. There is a limited-time event for downing Izax. If you’re up to the challenge, take him on in veteran mode before the 5.9 release and be rewarded!
  6. They also snuck a double-XP/CXP window in with the patch, so play now while you can for the sweet, sweet levels.


Our friends at BioWare conducted a patch review stream for us. Dulfy brings us the footage plus an outline. (Thanks, Dulfy!)


There is also a #SWTORCompanionChaos celebration event live right now, a duel between teams Nico Ocarr and Shae Vizla! Read the details here.



As of this episode’s recording date, the Han Solo movie hits in T-minus 63 days! JT also talks about a new trooper type confirmed… from the toys?! Read more about it here.

Jessie discusses the Forces of Destiny series.


Signature Segment: Kid Lee’s Dojo

Be sure to check out  Kid Lee’s Dojo segment this week -recorded live with the crew plus even more details in his video below.

Signature Segment: Healthy Gaming

This week in Jessie’s Healthy Gaming segment, she outlines the risks of Deep Vein Thrombosis (or DVT for short). What is it and why do we want to avoid it?


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Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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