Episode 41: Road Map & More

Hey, what do you know? BioWare published a new roadmap! This calls for a roadmap review episode! Stay tuned as we go through it with fine-toothed comb. We also talk a little bit about the Star Wars Rebels season 4 trailer, and enjoy the latest episodes of our signature segments, Wil Wright’s Star Lores and Jessie’s Healthy Gaming.

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Galactic Headlines

This week in our Galactic Headlines segment:

Thank you Keith Kanneg for publishing the latest SWTOR roadmap!

Highlights from the roadmap:

  • Izax “The Destroyer” joins the lineup of Gods From The Machine (SM and VM only -but VM will be tuned to MM difficulty)
  • There will be some sweet rewards for defeating Izax. Stay tuned to swtor.com as the content goes live for more details.
  • Over the next two months, we’ll be returning to Nathema to wrap the story up in release 5.9, The Nathema Conspiracy.
  • The game’s Conquest system is getting a revamp. An item will be available in game called the Commander’s Compendium, which will allow a player to boost a companion to influence level 50 immediately.
  • Yes! Arcann will be romanceable! (This one deserves its very own bullet point).
  • Returning companions: Vector Hyllus, Ashara Zavros, Felix Iresso, Mako and Akaavi.


Izax.jpgJT mentions at some point in the episode his belief that the “skank tank” (DPS’es who use tank taunts) is going the way of Darth Malgus (you know… down the hole). We thought we’d provide the link. Do you agree?

Speaking of Darth Malgus, some of our crew believes he may yet return. Don’t stop believing!


Star Wars News

In Star Wars news, Season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels has some awesome trailers!

ABOVE: Full S4 trailer BELOW: Teaser for the last half of season 4 (the last bit of Rebels ever *sniff*)


Signature Segment: Star Lores

This week’s Signature Segments features an in-depth look at the nature of midichlorians in Wil Wright’s Star Lores.


Signature Segment: Healthy Gaming

We also feature Jessie’s next episode of Healthy Gaming, this one about meditation and how it complements gaming in a balanced lifestyle!



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