Episode 36: Theron Lies the Problem

Posted by Jessie (AKA Stardust Legacy)

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Star Wars and Star Wars: the Old Republic Gaming Podcast

This episode we scour the SWTOR Suggestion Box for ideas we like and discuss them live on the air! We also feature the second installment of Wil Wright’s Star Lores segment exploring the background of Theron Shan and another of Larry Everett’s In Character segments, this time about misconceptions related to role playing.


Find out more about our guild and our show at unholyalliance.org  or  wookieemistake.com (remember wookiee has 2 E’s) don’t forget to follow us on twitter @PC_Podcast.

Guild NewsCopy of UA Logo


Unholy Alliance/Wookiee Mistake has been looking for an operations officer and a recruitment officer as a part of the outcome of our recent all-guild meeting. At the time this episode is posted, our officer application process will have concluded. Announcements forthcoming.

Please be sure to stay tuned to the guild calendar as we have a number of events that take place each month ranging from WOG and WIP to group content nights and ops runs with Azzy.

Game News

As we were livestreaming the recording of this episode, white crystals were available for direct-sale on the Cartel Market at a reduced rate during the week.

Is it possible that Arcann will be romanceable in the near future? Is he back? Does the story indeed continue?! What does it all mean?!?

In Character

InCharcterThis episode’s installment of In Character with Larry Everett discusses three common misconceptions about role-players: Some think they’re terrible at other parts of the game such as PVP and PVE and therefore resort to roleplay. Others might think they are just in it for the adult aspects of RP. Larry sets the record straight!

Also, we wish a sad farewell to SWTOR-RP.com after a seven year run.

Star Lores

Join Wil Wright who discusses in fine datalog RP-style as Aurrn D’handara, the dossier of Theron Shan, former Republic SIS agent and alliance operative turned rogue.


Community Highlights

Be sure to check out the other great SWTOR/Star Wars podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels this month!


This month, many of our community partnered together to raise money for our #HoustonStrong effort. We were even joined by the Shadow of the Dragon’s community (our Guild Wars 2, Mog Nation sister podcast).


Check out Jessie’s article on her Tatooine Dreams website interviewing Dreadful Insanity about a recent Theron Shan support event recently conducted by the SWTOR Family guild and many others in the Twitter community. Here are some of the pics from the event!


Shoutouts from our community highlights section this episode:


Suggestion Box Discussion

PC Podcast Suggestion

Here are the links to the various suggestions that caught our eye:


Star Wars News


As of this podcast’s recording, we are at 93 days until Episode VIII!


JJAbramsEp9It seems the Episode XIV director was fired and in his place was hired none other than JJ Abrams! What do you think of this news?

Episode IX is also scheduled to release on December 20, 2019.

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Email us at passionately.casual@gmail.com

Host Links: iamsechari.com, massivelyOP.com, CorellianRun.com, TatooineDreams.com.



Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.


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