Episode 33 PC LIVE

Passionately Casual Podcast Ep. 33: LIVE

↓Press Play

↑ Press Play

A SWTOR Podcast for Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds on the Harbinger server. Our podcast is a proud member of MOG Nation!

This week we record live for the first time on Sechari’s channel twitch.tv/sechari. We think it worked out pretty well, although there were certainly challenges! As a result, you may find some subtle differences in the quality and sound of this episode. We also feature the second of Larry Everett’s In Character three-part series on the no-no’s of role play, this one on “powergaming” (which JT and Sechari had a lot of fun with). We also have an extensive discussion about toxicity and trolling in the SWTOR community in response to some recent comments on the part of JoeNeverFails.


Find out more about our guild and our show at unholyalliance.org  or  wookieemistake.com (remember wookiee has 2 E’s) don’t forget to follow us on twitter @PC_Podcast.

Guild News


The biggest story of the week is Unholy Alliance’s fourth annual Extra Life push! We’ve been able to raise over $9000 dollars over the last three years for the Children’s Miracle Network of Hospitals, and we plan to keep pushing the number higher this year! Join us at 1:00 PM EDT this Saturday, June 24th on the Harbinger Server for our 2017 Kickoff Event and/or make a donation to our 2017 team by clicking here. Don’t forget to grab a tee-shirt here (the profits go right to our Extra Life team). Events for the kickoff event include this year’s Eric Musco event “Musco Madness”, a Musco dance party, Quiplash with Kid Lee and numerous other shenanigans.

If you’d rather watch, tune in to any of the following streamers who will be covering the event throughout the day: Vulkk, Sechari, KidLee, R3dn4, The Usual Podcast, JT, and Kelladorn.

Get your team shirt! All proceeds go to Extra Life!

Also be sure to mark your calendar (June 24th) for the main 12-hour-marathon event. Check out Unholy Alliance’s Extra Life page for more details.

Also be sure to check the guild calendar for our usual set of events: WIP, WOG, etc.

Game News

We take a few minutes to discuss Keith Kanneg’s roadmap and the 5.2.2 update. Highlights are as follows:

  • The Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event returns with a chance to win a Gamorrean companion!
  • Starfighter: Everyone gets a gunship and a bomber available by default.
  • Companions will now gain influence from crew missions.
  • There is a 25% legacy CXP boost now available if you have one character to 300.
  • Tier 4 armor is now craftable.
  • Theron Shan and Shae Vizla’s appearances can now be customized.
  • 120% and 130% mount speeds are now available as character perks.
  • Tier 1 gear can now be purchased for command tokens from a vendor on fleet.


Coming soon: 5.3: Sisters of Carnage in July (which will include a new stronghold), and 5.4: Crisis on Umbara in August.

Toxicity and Trolling in SWTOR

What do you think about this topic? We have some management tips here. Do you have any ideas to help us take control of the toxic chat culture in SWTOR? Let us know in the comments or at Passionately.Casual@gmail.com

Links pertinent to our discussion on toxicity in the SWTOR community:


In Character



This week, Larry Everett discusses the second potential pitfall of role playing: “powergaming”.

Community Highlights

Be sure to check out the other great SWTOR/Star Wars podcasts, blogs, and YouTube channels this month!

Ravanel has announced she is stepping down from Corellian Run Radio to go back to school. We know JT and Mox will miss her dearly. More to be announced soon.

Other shoutouts: JoeNeverFails and Swtorista. Check out Joe’s stream at twitch.tv/joeneverfails and Swtorista’s Youtube channel here.

Our friends at The Usual Podcast celebrate their 100th episode! Congratulations Will and Marshall!

Also, Chuck and Brian of Bad Feeling Podcast guest hosted on Corellian Run Radio for episode 186 and Jessie appeared with Marshal for episode 185 to discuss the War for Iokath spoilers.


Star Wars News

Items covered in our Star Wars News segment:

The Star Wars 40th Anniversary Show


Star Wars Land at Disney Parks


Battlefront 2’s trailer

…which was also covered by Vulkk here.


Contact The Passionately Casual Crew

Email us at passionately.casual@gmail.com. Find us on Twitter @PC_Podcast. You can reach Jason @JT_holonet, Sechari @iamsechari, Larry @shaddoe, Wil @MandoLegion and Jessie @unholyalliances. Thanks, Mox, for the gifted editing this week! (Sechari thanks you especially).


Host Links: iamsechari.com, massivelyOP.com, CorellianRun.com, TatooineDreams.com

Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast! Till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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