Episode 11

Passionately Casual Podcast: Episode 11 recorded Dec 16, 2015 Special Guest Co-Host Sechari

“Three’s Company”

Passionately Casual is a SWTOR Podcast for Unholy Alliance and Wookiee Mistake guilds on the Harbinger server. We are a proud member of MOG Nation. Find out more about the MOG Nation community at mognation.com. You can learn about our guild and our show at unholyalliance.org or wookieemistake.com (remember wookiee has 2 E’s) don’t forget to follow us on twitter @PC_Podcast

Game News

1- Fourth Anniversary Celebration:

  • Purchase Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds from the Strongholds terminal for 4 credits (how many rooms are default unlocked?)
  • Plus, visit the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor to claim FREE new in-game rewards including the HK-51 Commemorative Statue, Ebon Hawk Starship Wall Mount and the Ebon Hawk Rest and Recharge animation! You can find the vendor in the corner of the SH area by the Tatooine SH directory



2- Livestream Sub Rewards Program


For the 7 monthly rewards (2 days early chapter access and reward TBA for each) there are Gateway dates like last time, must be a sub on each of the following dates: Jan 11, Feb 1, Mar 1, April 1, May 1, June 1, July 1

Your reactions to the sub rewards program?


3- Game update 4.0.3 (12/7/15) Patch Notes 4.0.3


4- New PvP map in development “will start discussing in February” No new Ops mentioned

5- No guaranteed 224 drops on NiM Ops Post (Highlighted HM Ops have only guaranteed drop)


6- Exploit and bans Here are the four official posts:

post 1

post 2

post 3

post 4


6- Harbinger server rollback What types of effects? Did you suffer any losses?

7- Game events

  • Dec 8 – Jan 5: Log in for 4th Anniversary Rewards!
  • Dec 15 – Dec 22: The Rakghoul Plague
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5: Life Day
  • Dec 22 – Dec 29: Bounty Contract Week

6- Dec 18 – Jan 1: Double XP


Community Highlights

Featured Community Member is our guest host, Sechari:  You can reach Sechari at his website IamSechari.com, watch his stream at http://www.twitch.tv/sechari/ and follow him on twitter @iamsechari


Community Shoutout:

We mourn the passing of @DarkEdgeGaming, an active SWTOR player and community member as well as the tragic loss of Jennifer, wife of Ootinicast’s Chill. Our thoughts are with their families.

Fundraising for San Bernardino shooting victim’s family. Newport Beach Fire Dept holiday family sponsorship program this year is for the family of a victim of the recent tragedy at San Bernardino’s Regional Center Link here


Podcasts and Blogs Mentions: Be sure to check out the other great SWTOR and Star Wars Podcasts out there this month!

The Usual Podcast: Ep 42 Life, the Universe and Everything

Ootinicast Swtoreconomics tips that buying packs in hypercrates makes more money than individual packs

Bad Feeling Podcast episode 92 – Swinging all the Bats: class nerfs i.e. sniper, exploits,

The SWTOR Escape Podcast episode 121 – Making Credits: Yavin for crafting for mats and leveling skills, using warzone commendations for decos to sell on the GTN, crafting for profit,

New MOG Nation Podcast – Shadow of the Dragon – features Guild Wars 2 discussions

Star Wars News:

The Force Awakens Dec 18, did you preorder tix? Going to midnight showing? what’s your spoiler avoidance strategy?

Spoilers banned on Reddit

PC Tip of the Week:

SWTOR in-game events

1- Gree Event: Dec 8th – 15th

Ancient Gree Relay Mission travel tips (courtesy of Moxys) Linked Here


Reputation Spreadsheet (designed by Moxys) Linked here

Gree Xenoanalyst Op – make sure group is 65, because there is no bolster. If you are having some trouble with Xeno, maybe try the other two Event World Bosses. They offer a challenge, but the group will get the bolster that the event area on Ilum does.

2- Life Day: Dec 15th – Jan 5th To get snow-covered parcels you can throw the snowballs at your companions. You can click the debuff off and throw it again.  You can also do the same when you are hit with a snowball. This allows others to throw them and then you can throw them back, provided they do the same.


3- Rakghoul Event: Dec 15th – 22nd (Editor’s note: In the podcast Jessie quoted Redna as stating the event was fixed but in fact, she misunderstood. Rakghoul event was broken.  However, Redna clarified that if the tunnels are closed, the world bosses are still there, and when the event comes back, different planet means different world boss with unique items and achievements!)

Buy your relics to prevent the plague, they are Legacy and even after you wear them you can put them in Legacy and use them on another toon

Take our Rakling pets out when fighting the Tunnel Lurker for various achievements

If you don’t like when your toon starts convulsing while infected with the Rakghoul virus as you using vendors, get on your mount. This is a good way to hide that you are contagious, allowing you to infect five people for your achievement.


Bounty Contract Event: Dec 22nd – 29th If you just want rep or contracts, I strongly suggest doing the henchmen contracts. They are faster and you do not have to use five contracts to unlock one kingpin contract.


How to reach us:  Email: passionately.casual@gmail.com  Twitter: @PC_Podcast, you can reach Jason @JT_holonet and Jessie @unholyalliances.(JT) Don’t forget to bookmark the guild website: You can access it via wookieemistake.com or unholyalliance.org


Thanks for listening to the Passionately Casual Podcast, till next time keep on playing and, I don’t know, fly casual.

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